Why you should cruise in 2018

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Cruises have fast become one of the biggest travel trends around as both old and young choose to spend their next vacation at sea. With a huge variety of destinations to choose from, and all-inclusive pricing, it’s easy to see why cruising is so popular.

Holiday providers are continuing to modernize cruising, and we can expect some exciting changes for 2018. Here’s why you should cruise in 2018:

Less time in the air

While cruising is all about travelling at night or while you’re lying by the pool it can sometimes be hard work for passengers getting to their port of departure. This can mean luggage restrictions and expensive flights, which is why more cruises will be becoming no-fly in 2019, meaning the ports will be easily accessible by road.

Most people prefer no-fly cruising, so they can easily drive without dealing with airport security and take more luggage onboard. Cruise liners like P&O, Disney, and MSC are in the process of making cruising more accessible than ever.


More Adventure

Adventure travel continues to grow, particularly as more millennials enter the travel industry. This has impacted the cruise industry as it aims to cater for these adventure travellers. Instead of solely focusing on luxury resorts and beaches, cruises are increasingly catering to this market with glacier explorations or adventure destinations like Alaska.

Young, Solo Travellers

While many people expect married couples and the older generation to be cruising, this is beginning to shift much younger. Almost half of all cruise passengers are currently under 50. Many ships are beginning to cater specifically for guests between the ages of 21 and 45.

Uniworld has even launched a millennial cruise to attract this market. And solo travellers have increased by 20%.

Huge Savings

Because cruising is all-inclusive, you’ll get great value for money. There are always excellent cruise deals available with free upgrades or extras like drink packages included. Since you’ll pay one flat-fee, you can more easily budget for your vacation. You can also choose to include things like shore excursions, drinks, and even gratuities so you can avoid opening your wallet and truly relax.

Often, you can also just pay a deposit for your cruise and then pay it off before the due date. This also makes it much easier to budget for your vacation, since you’ll be able to pay it at your convenience.

Are you thinking about cruising in 2018? Which cruise line? Which region? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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