Travel expenses in different countries: What exactly do you need to budget for?

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If you’re planning a travel adventure, you will probably be a little confused over what exactly you need to save for, how to plan and budget your money, what expenses you can expect, and how to deal with a low budget on the go, without having to return home earlier than planned, because you ran out of money.

If you’ve never planned such an adventure before, it can seem like a mountain to climb, but travelling on a low budget isn’t impossible, and provided you put some effort in and save money before you go, it is entirely possible to travel to your heart’s content, taking into account the expenses you will need to pay along the way.

Wherever you’re planning to travel to, these are the expenses and costs you need to take into account.


How you’re going to get there

Are you going to fly? Are you going to go via train? You need to figure out the cheapest way to do this on your low budget. It might be that you can fly indirect to save money, or book well in advance to try and take advantage of lower travel deals. It’s about shopping around. If you’re travelling over land, bear in mind this will take longer, but does have perks, i.e. you get to see passing landscapes.

Visa costs

Do your research beforehand about whether you need a visa for the place you’re visiting – you might, you might not, but don’t be caught out. Sometimes this is a case of applying beforehand, and sometimes you simply pay a fee at the airport arrival desk. There is nothing you can do to cheapen this or get around it, so simply find out how much you’re expecting to pay.


Accommodation options

Don’t be afraid to use hostels; these days, good standard hostels are as good as a cheap hotel, and when you’re travelling on a low budget, these are a great way to save money. Put it this way, how long are you going to be in your room anyway? Consider it a base.

How to get around

Public transport is always a good way to save money wherever you are in the world, and you simply only have to ask someone in your hotel, a fellow traveller, or a friendly local and they will explain how to use it, and where you need to get off. When travelling on a low budget, avoid taxis unless you’re sharing them, and only go down the car hire route if a) it’s safe to drive in that particular destination, and b) you’re sharing the cost.

Food, glorious food

Eating in local restaurants, rather than tourist outlets, is always going to be the cheaper and more authentic way to dine out. Food is one of the biggest expenses when you’re traveling, so make it as cheap as possible, perhaps by eating street food, or again, heading to authentic restaurants. Don’t be afraid to try something different!

Sure, you’re going to want to shop a little perhaps, grab a few souvenirs, and you may have to pay a fee to gain entry to tourist attractions, but on the whole, if you can lower the cost of your general travel expenses, by being a little thrifty, then your adventure will be everything you want it to be.




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