New Study Reveals the UK’s Least Adventurous Countries

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A new survey by Into The Blue has given us some truly interesting information about the level of adventurousness for the countries that make up the UK. It turns out that the more adventurous countries are Scotland and Wales, while England and Northern Ireland are the least adventurous.

The study looked at 2,000 adults in the UK (500 from each country) and surveyed them to ask them about what they would do on their ideal days, to see which experiences were the most popular in each country. The study revealed that 24% of people living in Wales and 34% of Scots want to enjoy more adrenalin-packed adventures, while 24% of Brits and 29% of those who live in Northern Ireland wanted to have a less adventurous and more laid-back experience.


There were 8 different activities that participants could choose from, and they weren’t limited to one or two, and could choose any and as many of the answers as they liked.

34% of the Scottish surveyed said they wanted to go ballooning, flying or skydiving, 275 of them said they would like to have fun doing some outdoor activities, while 25% of people surveyed from Wales wanted to do water sports, and the Irish were more interested in getting up close to wildlife.

On the less-adventurous side, 23% of those from Wales liked the idea of going for a nice drive, 17% of the English liked the idea of doing some arts and crafts, and 23% of Brits preferred to enjoy a gourmet and culinary experience. 29% of those from Northern Ireland liked the idea of relaxing with a beauty and spa experience.


It also turns out that the age of the person surveyed also greatly influenced the type of activity that they would like to do. Most of the 18-24 year olds who were surveyed said they would want to go skydiving, while those aged 65 and over wanted to hang out in the spa, with almost 60% saying this was their ideal day.

People who were aged between 24 and 64 had a broad range of ideal experiences, including taking a drive, a culinary course, or relaxing at the spa.

Jim Maitland from Into the Blue said he found the results interesting, especially when it was broken down by country, and their ideal experiences varied significantly. While he said there were many different reasons why this could be the case, such as the different amenities and things to do in each individual country, the survey does show that those who are living in Northern Ireland and England prefer “more sedate activities”.

It was also interesting to see how the ideal experience changed depending on the age of the people surveyed. While we could expect that the older crowd would be less likely to want to go skydiving, the gradual shift between each age’s ideal experience was an excellent example of how our preferences change as we get older.

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