Fun things to do on a day out to Liverpool

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If you haven’t yet visited Liverpool, you’ve been missing out. This city is a staple if you’re planning to visit the UK, and the underrated destination will have you recommending it to all your friends.

Here are some fun things to do if you’re planning a day out to Liverpool:

Check out the beach

Sure, the UK has a bad reputation for its weather, but Liverpool has some of the best beaches around for when you do get a nice warm day. The region is known for its sunsets, and you’ll find plenty of great beaches to choose from. Formby Beach is a favourite, and you’ll find plenty of sand dunes and pinewoods if you’re planning to bring the kids. Grosby Beach is also popular, and you can get some cool photos with the art installation Another Place, which features 100 cast iron statues, all facing out to sea.


Go shopping

If you need to update your wardrobe, Liverpool is the place to go. This is a good option if the weather isn’t cooperating, since there are plenty of bars, cinemas, and shops to choose from. One of the coolest things about Liverpool is all of the pianos around the place where you’re welcome to bang out a few tunes.

Bold Street is a good place to go if you’re hoping to get away from the chain stores, and you’ll find all the typical chain stores at the many malls and outdoor shopping centres in Liverpool.

Get Eating

The food in the UK is surprisingly good, particularly if you’re planning to visit Liverpool. Check out Scouse, which is kind of a cross between a soup and a stew, made with potatoes, onion, gravy, carrot, and a meat like beef, lamb, or mutton.

While there are many excellent restaurants in Liverpool, you should definitely try the fish and chips at The Lobster Pot. And if you haven’t yet tried them the British way (with salt and vinegar), you’ve been missing out.

Be Social

These days, tourists are often so busy uploading their latest photos to social media that they forget to look up from their phones and talk to the locals. People from Liverpool are ridiculously friendly, and will go out of their way to help you if you need advice or directions. They’re also very funny, and while the Liverpool accent may sometimes be difficult to understand, you’re likely to enjoy what you do pick up (and they’ll slow down if you ask them too).

Go Clubbing

After a long day of seeing the best Liverpool has to offer, you may not feel like going out that night. Make yourself! The nightlife in Liverpool is first-class, and there are option for all ages. If you feel like cocktails, head to Santa Chupitos, while El Bandito is the place for those who don’t mind a bit of tequila. Camp & Furnace is a popular spot, or relax in Kaimier Garden, where you can enjoy a beer and some live music.

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