Experience the Old-world Charm of Romantic Train Rides Around Britain

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Train travel is one of the most underrated pleasures of life. Great Britain’s scenic rail routes combined with the classic charm of British trains opens the door to some of the best travel experiences imaginable. Travelling together with your partner makes the experience even better, as you create shared memories that you will cherish in the future.

Here are four romantic experiences we recommend for you and your partner to enjoy on your trip to Britain:

A Cosy Dinner On Wheels

There is something magical about a romantic dinner or a lavish lunch on a train, as the rugged countryside passes by your window. The rhythmic sound of the wheels and the thrill of passing through a new town, city or country with each mile is a rare experience that only rail journeys offer. Enjoy a lavish meal in one of Britain’s many heritage luxury trains for a truly special experience.


Weekend in the Cotswolds

Tucked in south-central England, the Cotswolds is 800 square miles of countryside that stretches over five counties. Covered with lush hills, golden houses, acres of green pastures, and a pleasant climate, it is the perfect place for a romantic weekend.

Scenic Journey from Glasgow to Mallaig

Considered one of the best train journeys in Great Britain, a ride from Glasgow to Mallaig will take you through the picturesque wilderness. The breath-taking views of Helensburgh, Gare Loch, Loch Lomond, Glen Falloch, Loch Tulla and Rannoch Moor will certainly set the atmosphere for romance.

Romantic Walks in the Lake District

This mountainous region situated in the North-West of England is perfect to spend some quality time with your partner in complete peace and romantic solitude. With many walking trails, lakes, valleys and falls, the Lake District won’t disappoint.

multi-city romantic trip around Great Britain, International Rail’s Flexi Rail Pass is the most economical and suitable option. With this pass in hand, you can freely travel in England, Wales and Scotland. You pay only for the days you travel, with no pressure to select the travelling dates right at the start of your journey. Take as many trips and visit as many cities as you possibly can to make great memories. A BritRail Flexi pass costs £168 with 3 travel days in 1 month. If you are a young couple under 28 years of age, then book your tickets at a concessional rate of £101 only!



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