10 reasons why it’s better to travel before your 30s

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Travel is a wonderful thing no matter what your age group, but there’s no denying that it is much easier to get up and see the world and experience it fully when you’re just that little bit, erm, how shall we put it? Younger? Yes, when you’re that bit younger.

Before we go on, we should add that it doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 68, travel is something we should all do, and that can be anything from an epic backpacking adventure, to a one week holiday somewhere different – the method is irrelevant. Having said that however, here are ten reasons why it really is better to travel before you hit the big 3-0.


You have less ties and responsibilities

You might not dream of getting married and having children, owning a house, and working a big career, but these things have a habit of creeping up on you. Before you get tied down with such grown up things, you have the freedom to explore.

Gets the wanderlust out of your system

Regrets and ‘what ifs’ are not things to live your life by, so getting your travel dreams out of your system now will mean you don’t have that resentment building up inside of you as you get that little bit older.

There are generally more opportunities

Sad, but true. There are countless programs, internships, and opportunities for travellers on a gap year.


Travel looks great on your CV for future jobs

Travelling when you’re young shows that you developed the maturity, self-confidence, and open-mindedness which many careers require. It also shows that you were able to settle into a culture and situation which was unfamiliar to you, and that shows adaptability and flexibility.

Helps you grow up and see the world, makes you more open-minded

When we’re younger, we think we know it all, but basically we don’t. Travel will show you sights and experiences you never knew were possible, and this will give you a much greater overview of life itself. Having this experience younger means you will develop a more open-minded and empathic viewpoint to carry you through life. Basically, travel will show you that you don’t know it all, and in fact, you hardly know anything.

It’s generally easier to meet new people

It’s a sad fact that people become more guarded the older they get, and whilst you might be lacking the self-confidence to go up to a group of people you don’t know and introduce yourself when you’re younger, it is infinitely easier compared to being a little older. There are simply more under 30 travellers on backpacking and travel routes, which means you are more likely to meet likeminded people the younger you are.


It gives you more time to keep seeing things

Travel is a bug, once you’ve been on one adventure then you’re sure to want to go on another, this is just the way of the world. The older you get, the less time you have to dedicate to such wanderings, so the earlier you start your explorations, the more time you have to keep going.

It’s easier to save in your 20s because you have less money ties

Travel also costs money, and quite a lot in some cases. Before you get bogged down with mortgages and loan repayments, it’s easier to save up and do an extra job to earn the cash to travel on.

You can volunteer and give back when you might not have the time later on

If you’ve always dreamed of volunteering then the younger you do it, the better. This is for many reasons, firstly you will grow so much as a person from the experience, which will be invaluable later on, but secondly, you will be able to dedicate the extended amount of time so much easier the younger you are.

It gives you time to figure out what you want from life

Your 20s are well known for being a little confusing in terms of figuring out what you want to do with your life. Travel and space gives you the ideal time to figure it all out.

Are you convinced?

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