Why people should stay in B&Bs

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If you’re planning a vacation, it may seem natural to also book a hotel. However,  many people forget that they have a number of different options available when travelling, and one of those options is to stay somewhere a little more local and authentic- like a bed and breakfast.

There are numerous benefits for those who want to stay in a B&B, and here are just a few:

Top-notch attention

Since you’re often being looked after by the owners of the B&B, you’re pretty much guaranteed excellent customer service- they’re invested in their guests having a great time, leaving a positive review and telling their friends.

If you’ve ever been ignored by hotel staff or had to ask the front desk for something multiple times, you’ll know how frustrating the customer service can be when you’re staying at a hotel, but B&Bs are completely different and you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised by the excellent customer service you receive.


All inclusive

If you haven’t stayed in a hotel for a while, you may be surprised by all the extra charges they usually add on. Forget about free wifi unless you plan to sit in the lobby to send your emails or update social media, and if you’ve hired a car you can usually expect to be paying a hefty fee to park it every day. Breakfast is likely to cost more unless you manage to grab a deal, and snacks and water will usually come out of the mini fridge which means a huge markup.

The opposite is true at a B&B, and many people find themselves impressed with how many things are included in the price. You’ll usually have free wifi, snacks, parking and more, meaning you won’t need to be continually reaching into your pocket while you’re trying to relax.

Unique rooms

Bed and breakfasts usually have unique (and sometimes quirky) rooms that have been individually decorated and often have different themes. That means that if you stay again and again you can try out different rooms to have a slightly different stay each time. Compare this to hotels, where every room is exactly the same and there’s nothing unique to be found.

Delicious food

There are few things sadder than paying for the hotel breakfast only to see a few sad croissants, some cereal and bad coffee on offer. B&Bs will usually hook you up with an authentic breakfast that’s home cooked and includes the best produce available locally, so you’ll be able to start the day right.


If you’re a solo traveller, you’ll probably find that you don’t get to meet too many people in most hotels, since they don’t exactly cultivate an environment where people come together to chat. B&Bs are the opposite, and you’re likely to meet people from all walks of life to hang out with, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for some new friends.

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