Moving house? Avoid the stress with these tips

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Moving house can be one of life’s most stressful events. It’s easy to see why many people are anxious or worried at the idea of moving. While it can be tempting to leave everything to the last minute, organisation is your friend. Luckily, we’ve got some expert tips so you can prepare in advance, pack everything up, and stay calm:

Create a checklist
Before you even begin packing, it’s a good idea to put a general timeline together. This will help you avoid a last-minute scramble and ensure you can stay organised. Eight weeks before your move, choose a reputable moving company like Shiply. Get a quote, and check that your removal company has availability on your planned moving date.


You’ll probably be paying for more outgoings that you could be expecting before your move. To reduce the stress, make a moving budget. Write a list of all of the important costs so you can work out how much the move will cost and then budget accordingly.

Take your time
One of the best things you can do to make the whole process go more smoothly? Give yourself enough time. Six weeks before your move, begin purging any unwanted possessions. These can include things that will be donated, sold, or thrown out. By getting started early, you’ll be able to clear space so you can really see what needs to be packed.

Ask for help
It’s natural to feel stressed when you feel like the weight of the world (or your move) is on your shoulders. While it can be difficult to ask friends and family members for help, most people have moved at least once in their lives so they know just how hard moving can be. Reach out to a few people and see if they have a few hours spare to pack, move, or unpack. If you’ll be moving out of state or out of the country, this could be one of your last opportunities for quality time. Plus, the more people helping out, the quicker your move and the less stress you’ll feel.

Treat yourself
It’s easy to feel like you’re constantly running out of time when you’re moving. This can mean that you end up neglecting your own health or needs. It’s easy to go without sleep, pack for hours at a time without breaks, and end up eating unhealthy food to avoid needing to cook. While it may seem like you’re just being efficient with the small amount of time you have, the last thing you need to do is get sick or run down. Don’t skip meals, and make sure everyone is eating well and getting enough sleep.

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