10 cheap and beautiful countries you must visit

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Beauty doesn’t have to come at a huge price tag, and the good news is there are countless destinations in the world you can travel to on the cheap, provided you’re a little careful and you do your research first. Cheap does not have to mean nasty!

Here are ten destinations in the world you can travel to without breaking the bank, and certainly gaining plenty of memories of beauty along the way.



One of the most beautiful countries in the world, this South East Asian hotspot is not only stunning on the eyes but also easy on the pocket when it comes to cheap travel. Angkor Wat Archaeological Park is a must visit, and the Ankor Wat Temple itself will certainly give you a serene experience. The capital, Phnom Penh is packed with authentic experiences to try, and the friendly locals will make your stay very comfortable indeed.


The great thing about travel to Vietnam is that although it is becoming more popular as a destination, it is still very authentic and unspoilt. Misty mountains, rice terraces, beauty on every corner – this is a country to explore on the cheap. Hanoi’s Old Quarter is beautiful, and the well-trodden coastal road towards Ho Chi Minh City in the south will show you a fantastic overview of the country.


You don’t have to visit the tourist resorts on the south-west coast if you don’t want to, and Turkey has more than enough culture for the biggest travel enthusiast. Sure, Istanbul isn’t the cheapest city in the world, but Izmir, Ankara, Konya, Antalya, Bodrum, and even the rural centre of Turkey is fantastic for cheap travel, with more than enough sights to make your jaw drop.



This landlocked South American country may be a little remote, but that is what makes it so beautiful for travel. Cheap enough to help you stretch your time here, you will see nature at its best, and La Paz is the vibrant capital, with plenty of museums and architecture to take in.


India is huge, so it makes sense to plan your travel here, but overall you can get around very cheap, and certainly eat and stay without breaking the bank. You simply have to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, as well as try some of the delicious street food. If you want beach time, head to Goa, one of the cheapest and most beautiful beach destinations you will find anywhere.


A hotspot for low cost airlines, travel to Hungary is cheap and plentiful. Budapest is historic and beautiful, situated on the Danube River. Experience the relaxing thermal spas, or hike in the northern hills and take in the countryside below.



Bulgaria has long had a reputation for cheap food and drink, and that all still stands. The Black Sea resorts are famous for summer fun, but the cities are brimming with culture and interesting sights to take in. The capital, Sofia is a cheap spot, and as the second oldest city in Europe, there is plenty to see.


Central America may not be as well travelled as South America, but it is definitely worth a visit! Honduras is one of the best places to travel to on the cheap, and is brimming with amazing natural sights, as well as Caribbean-style beaches for a spot of relaxation in the sun. The capital, Tegucigalpa is a must visit.


This huge country is a travel fan’s dream, not least because of the stunning southern reaches of Patagonia, where the landscapes are enough to blow your mind. A cheap cost of living certainly helps, and travel to Buenos Aires will give you a vibrant and colourful experience, with fantastic night-life to enjoy.


Sri Lanka

Cultural and beautiful Sri Lanka has retained its cheap status thankfully, meaning more and more of us can experience its beauty. Wildlife, temples, good food, friendly people – this is an amazing place to travel to, and cheap to boot! Situated in the South Indian Ocean, you must visit the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, the most sacred place on the island.

Travel doesn’t have to break the bank!




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