Travel Hacks For Saving Space

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Luggage is one of the less glamorous aspects of traveling. It costs extra to check multiple bags, and you’ll need to lug everything from airport to hotel. But what if you could travel light and still bring everything you need on your trip? Here are a few travel hacks for saving space:

Plan Ahead: Check the weather and the itinerary to plan one, not two, outfits per occasion. You get bonus points if you can recycle an element. For instance, you can pair a tank top with pants and a blazer for one occasion, and match it with a skirt and blouse for another. Black goes with everything, so opt for black shoes or sneakers to match with everything.


Declutter: Swap your large wallet for one of the new Samsung or iPhone wallet cases. If you have the new iPhone 7, you can have the choice of an iPhone 7 card holder or iPhone 7 plus case and card holder. This will force you to get rid of the extra cards and receipts making sure that you take only the essentials on your trip.

Compartmentalize: The iPhone wallet cases will help you keep your documents, money, and phone together, but you can apply the same logic to your toiletries and other space consuming items. Simply being organized with your items will help you save space. It is best to use soft, collapsible cases for your compartments to further help save space and ensure that your baggage is not checked at the gate for oversold flights.

Follow the Order: Larger and longer articles of clothing need to go on the bottom, smaller articles, and compartments on the top. This is true regardless of whether you have a large roller suitcase or a duffel bag. Keeping the larger items at the bottom will save you space and help avoid excessive wrinkling.

If you love travel, but hate carrying multiple bags, these travel hacks are sure to help you bring more of what you love with less hassle.




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