Top 5 activities you can do while backpacking

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Backpacking is one of the most affordable and exciting ways to travel. Not only will it allow you to see the world on a budget, but it will also offer you a completely new and unique perspective of the places you’re visiting.

What are some of the best activities to engage in while backpacking? We have gathered 5 of them right below – so read on and find out more.



All those long bus and train trips, the flights over the world, the nights when you are too tired to experience the nightlife in town – they are just perfect for a good book. To infuse yourself in the local culture, read a book written by an author there. And no, a book (or an eBook reader, for that matter), will not be too much for a backpack.


The best part about travelling? You get to meet really amazing people who are doing just what you do: experiencing the world and its wonders. Of course, you should use common sense in your socializing and you should never give out personal details. But don’t miss out on what “social travelling” has best!


Call Your Folks

Regardless of whether you’re travelling long-term or not, you should definitely call your friends and family back home. We suggest you use a free Internet service such as Skype (or any other similar software). It will allow you to make international video calls with no cost at all (as long as both you and the other person have installed the same software and you are both connected to the Internet).


Backpacking can be a truly life-changing experience, so why not put it down in writing? Even if you are not exactly eager to start a blog or to publish your travelling memoirs, writing down will help you remember the very particular feelings you experienced. It will shed a whole new light on what this trip has meant for you and it will help you gather your thoughts when you are just too overwhelmed by the stunning places you’ve seen and by the heart-warming stories you’ve heard.

Watch local TV

Really, try this. We’re not generally advising people to travel for the sake of TV, but watching the local channels can help you understand the people better. Most of the times, the most popular TV shows and broadcasts in a country offer very good insights into that culture. And while mainstream TV is definitely NOT like all the citizens of that country, it can definitely teach you one thing or two.

At the very least, it will teach you some new words in that language. At the very best, it will show you what life in that country is like once you get off the beaten path. And at the very worst, it will be one hour you’ve spent on something that’s not exactly relevant (but nevertheless, interesting when you put it in perspective).

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