5 items you must pack on every trip

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Of course, travelling can be a very rewarding experience and it can even change you in ways you did not think possible. And yet, no matter how exhilarating and magical this experience may be, some things will always have to be very, very down to earth.

…such as packing, for example.

What are the 5 items you should ALWAYS pack with you when going on a trip (long or short)? We have gathered them right below, so read on and find out more.


Your ID and Paperwork

It doesn’t even matter if you travel within the borders of your home country or if you choose to travel abroad. Your ID and official paperwork should be on you, at all times. We never like thinking of the worst case scenarios, but the truth is that this is the safest thing to do. DO NOT forget your ID at home!

Personal Hygiene

Again, it doesn’t matter if you leave for one day or for one year. Take your personal hygiene products with you. Some of them may be available where you’re going (e.g. soap, toothbrush, and so on), but others may be more special – so don’t forget to pack them with you (and don’t forget to do it in a way that respects your airline’s guidelines).

Something for the opposite weather

If you expect the place you’re visiting to be very warm, pack one-two things for chillier weather too (such as a sweater and a pair of pants, for example). Likewise, if you expect it to be very cold, pack something for warmer weather too (e.g. a dress, some T-shirts and so on). You don’t need to take your entire wardrobe with you, but do make sure you select everything very carefully.

Your chargers

Like it or not, we’re rather addicted to our tech – so don’t forget to take your chargers with you. Pack them with your tech gear and make sure it stays just as safe as the other devices you have with you. Otherwise, you might have to pay quite a lot of money on buying chargers when you reach your destination.


A First Aid Kit

Some Advils, Bandaids and some basic first aid kit should be in your bag regardless of how large or small it may be. However, please pay attention to the fact that certain countries may have stricter regulations for what types of medicine can get inside. If you have a prescription and if you have to take your meds with you, make sure you take the prescription as well, so that you prove your need to have those pills with you.

Of course, these are just some of the basics you should pack when going away – but, in the end, each list depends on what kind of person you are and what type of trip you’re making. Create a list, double and triple check it and, last, but definitely not least, pack your excitement with you as well!

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