10 Benefits of staying in a hostel

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Hostels are one of the most popular accommodation options – especially among young people, budget travellers and backpackers. But what is it that makes these places so appreciated? What are some of the best benefits of staying in a hostel?

We have gathered 10 of the top ones right below – so read on and find out more.


1. Budget. One of the main reasons hostels are this popular is related to the fact that they offer the best rates. If you want to see the world on a budget, a hostel will most likely be one of your best options.

2. Socializing. Because you will be surrounded by likeminded people and because everyone is there to make some friends, socializing will be an important part of the hostel life.

3. Cultural diversity. Hostels frequently gather many people from many cultural backgrounds – and this can make the entire experience even more enriching and fun. You will sleep under the same roof with people from all over the world and learn a bit about each of them!

4. Parties. Although not all hostels are party-oriented, many of them are. This is a great chance to make a lot of memories and to meet a lot of nice people from different countries, so you will surely find it very attractive.


5. Entertainment. Aside from parties, many hostels also offer a wide range of entertainment options. Video games, ping pong tables and other similar games and areas are available in a lot of hostels – and they are yet another chance to get to know other travellers.

6. Variety of rooms. Most hostels offer a variety of rooms – such as single-bed, double or even rooms with 7-8 people in them (these are perfect when you are travelling in a large group). Thus, you will surely find something to suit your needs.

7. Variety of styles. Every hostel has its own vibe and atmosphere – and most of the times, you will be able to “read” this from the very beginning, when you see the pictures. Some hostels are modern, others are more rustic and others are as plain as it gets (but they usually compensate with the great atmosphere created by the people there).


8. Extras. These days, many hostels are competing against each other, which also means that there’s a much better chance to get great services for a low price. Free internet, breakfast, luggage storage – these are just some of the benefits offered by modern hostels.

9. Location. A lot of hostels are located in very central places, but there are also some that are off the beaten touristic path as well (and these will most likely be a bit cheaper).

10. The staff. In most of the cases, the staff in hostels is comprised out of people who were once just like you – travellers staying in hostels and meeting other people like them. For this reason, the staff in a hostel will know what you need and how to provide it to you.

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