How We Got Here, Going There

Boy comments on girl's blog. Girl follows boy on Twitter. Boy Google Chats girl. After they feel they are ready, boy & girl have a Skype session. After a couple margaritas, one thing leads to another and boy & girl decide to take off to see the world together. Yeah, ours is truly a classic tale of romance as old as time itself, isn't it? 

It wasn't really supposed to be this way. I was so gonna totally travel the world alone. I was gonna just fly by the bottom of my backpack all over the globe without anything or anyone attached. Fast forward nearly a year, and I'm heading to the airport here in St. Louis on an unseasonably warm February Thursday to pick up Julia and get this crazy, round-the-world adventure kicked off. Together.

For all involved's sake, I'll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say that Julia & I have had a ton of laughs over the last year. Even though we may have grown up approximately 4,000 miles apart, have an absolute ton in common. Of course love of travel is first on that list, and it only seemed natural since once we started talking that since we were both planning on traveling extensively in 2012, we may as well do it together. 

Are we crazy? Maybe. Will we crave our own space from time to time? Probably. Will this be challenging at times? Likely. Will Julia get really sick of me playing my 90's music and going on about Blues hockey constantly? Bet on it. How will this story end? Only one way to find out, and it starts Tuesday.