Backpacker Would Hate to See Anything Happen to Nelson Mandela, But ...

Toronto, Canada (Backpacker Press) -- Traveler Phil Naglio, 34, said Sunday that if Nelson Mandela is going to die, which he of course would hate to see happen, he might as well go ahead and wait until Phil is visiting South Africa in April. He addressed his friends half-buzzed at happy hour after seeing news reports of Mr. Mandela spending the night in the hospital last week.

Cheeseburger in Czech Paradise

I spent four days in cozy Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic in September 2007. I will always fondly remember the town for it’s serpentine section of the Vlatva River, it’s towering Krumlov Castle, the amazing pivo of the Eggenberg Brewery, and the coziness of the Krumlov House Hostel where I stayed. The story that sticks with me the most from those early fall days and nights though is that of a cheeseburger that wasn’t quite what it was grilled up to be. 

My Dream NYE

No matter where in the world you are, by now all the noise-makers have been swept up from the streets, the hangovers have subsided, and the gyms are jam-packed with "resolution runners".  Yep, it's official: New Year's Eve has has come and gone and 2011 is upon us. I wrote last week about my love for NYE and why it continues to be a special night to me. This week, it's time to type about what my most fantastical NYE would be: celebrating it twice in one night.