2012 RTW Itinerary: Opening Ceremonies

You may have noticed that the posts on this site have taken a slightly lighter turn as of late, as I have attempted to try and combine my love of travel with my screwy sense of humor. This may end up inadvertently being one of the posts. I am going to float out the potential itinerary for the first leg of  my 2012 round-the-world trip. Things are bound to change fast and furious over the next year, and I have no doubt this post or its brethren in the near future will likely become cringe-worthy and or laughable eventually. As the year goes by and my research turns into a near full-time job, I know there are dozens of places that I have not even heard of today that will end up as proud push pins on my map and wreak havoc on previously laid plans. So, without further adieu, here is how I see the start of my trip shaping up.

As many of you know, I am obsessed with New Year's Eve and its symbolism. I can't imagine anything more apropos than arriving in city number one with just enough time to shake off the backpacking rust and watch the clock stroke midnight on what is sure to be one of the best years of my life. Like London, Dublin, Madrid, & Stockholm before them on my Eurotrips, starting in the Americas just felt right to me from the get go and initial cities on the short list to host my RTW opening ceremonies were Mexico City, Panama City, Bogota, & Buenos Aries.

The more I mulled it over, I didn't want to kick off this trip with a New Year's toast in the hostel common room or a laid back bar crawl to ring in 2012, I wanted to go big. Based on my research online and advice from Adam of World Travel for Couples, that eliminated Buenos Aries due to NYE being a more laid back and traditional family night. In addition, as my route started to take early shape, cities smack in the middle like Panama City & Bogata kind of got bumped. Then it hit me, what city in South America throws a New Year's Eve celebration that can hang with global big boys like New York or Sydney? There is only one: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I have thought it over for a few days, and am ready to announce that that I want to be one of the thousands upon thousands of revelers on Copacabana Beach ringing in 2012!

From there, It is going to be a southern crawl down the coast of Brazil to Uruguay to spend some time in the capital of Montevideo and check out the beach resort town of Punta Del Este. I will then make my way to Buenos Aries, Argentina. Argentina is probably the country I am most looking forward to in the world to visit and I foresee several weeks here exploring everything from Patagonia to the wine country surrounding Mendoza. A dream scenario also has me making it to Chile and then to Colombia in time for Carnival near the end of February in Barranquilla.

Well, there you have it, the first small sketch of how the start to my trip will start, let's see what it ends up looking like a year from now!

What do you think? Have you been to Rio De Janeiro for NYE? Anywhere else you would suggest?